Make festive yarn balls with our simple instructions to add some flash to parties or your home décor.




-Plastic bags or a cloth to cover the floor

-Cooking spray

-School glue

-1/2 cup cornstarch

-1/4 cup hot water



-A mixing bowl




1.) Blow up balloons to different sizes (filling balloons only halfway will help you achieve a more spherical shape) and knot each balloon


2.) Create a drying area (If you’re working outdoors or in the garage, hang up a clothesline. If you’re working indoors, suspend a string between two chairs. Be sure to put a cloth or plastic bags under the drying area to catch any drips.)


3.) Hang balloons from strings above the drying area


4.) Spray balloons with cooking spray (to make removing the yarn easier later)


5.) In the bowl, mix hot water with cornstarch


6.) Add a bottle of white school glue and mix thoroughly


7.) Dip yarn into the glue mixture and gently squeeze out the excess with your fingers — you may want to wear rubber gloves.


8.) Beginning at the knot-end of your balloon, wrap your balloon with the wet yarn. The more you wrap, the denser the ball will be



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