Some may think the market is slowing down but not in San Antonio, TX where market trends show rates are still on the rise! Homes are being sold in only 27 days average. Housing prices continue to test new highs and inventory remains tight. Every day, more and more people are moving to San Antonio, which means the housing demand is continuously rising.

Home values in the San Antonio real estate market have risen for ten consecutive years, dating back to the last recession. Rents are up 12.5% in as little as 12 months. If you’re still renting, don’t expect this trend to change. The best time to buy your own house was yesterday but the second-best time to invest is NOW.

The Fed has already increased the benchmark interest rate to fight inflation, and more increases are on the way. It is safe to assume higher rates will increase the cost of homeownership in the San Antonio housing market sooner rather than later.

If you qualify for a good rate on a traditional loan, now is the time to consider becoming a landlord. As Fortune Builders states, “Rental investments offer investors the ability to offset today’s high prices with equally impressive rental rates. Given the right property with a proper cash flow, there’s no reason to avoid homes that cost considerably more than they did one year ago. Rent checks could easily make the acquisition well worth the price in a relatively short period.”

In San Antonio, you can bet the demand for rentals will only continue to increase due to San Antonio’s fast economic grow, great job market and quality of life.

…Did you know?

As great as this sounds, not all areas in San Antonio have the same demand. Some areas are standing still price wise. That is why it’s important you talk to a good broker before investing. At Houses in San Antonio, we have over 25 years of experience in this market. Don’t rely on just anyone, give us a call, we would love to help you reach new heights with your Real Estate investments.