Tips & Tricks

Learning a few practical clutter-busting methods can keep your home from looking like a mess with minimal amounts of effort.

If your home is overrun with clutter as far as the eye can see, it’s time to take action and focus on getting your home organized once and for all.

How to do it:

  • Clear off all flat surfaces—and keep them clean!
  • Pick a decluttering strategy that best suits your lifestyle. Have limited time? Work on one room in the house each week.
  • Make the most of underutilized storage spaces. Underbed storage is a lifesaver in small spaces.
  • Ask yourself what items you actually use and ditch the rest!
  • Designate a place for the clutter to go, have a designated small closet shelf.
  • Establish a “one in, one out” rule, you don’t buy anything new until you let go of something you already have.
  • Evaluate one room at a time.
  • Make sure everything you own has a “home.” Once you start designating spots for specific items, it will become easier to put things back where they belong.
  • Create a decluttering checklist. It’s easier to stay on task when you know exactly where you are at a glance.
  • Decide what to keep. Take inventory of your closets and say goodbye to anything you haven’t worn in over a year.