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2012 NW Military Highway
San Antonio, TX 78213
Phone: (210) 366-1162

Looking to buy or sell? Look no further! We've been delivering quality real estate services since 1996 and pride ourselves in being counselors and not sales people. We look forward to the opportunity to EARN your trust and business. Call or email today!

Things People Say...

When I first met and interviewed you my gut told me you were the agent for me. Unfortunately I did not go with my gut. I thought the brand name would have more exposure than "Houses In San Antonio". As you know, it was a terrible mistake! Ironically it was your agency that sold several houses in my neighborhood not them. I liked the agent I interviewed and had confidence in her abilities, but after listing I never saw or heard from her again unless I called her. She turned us over to her "team" and the agent and the team made so many mistakes and dropped the ball so many times it turned out to be the most stressful experience of my life. From getting caught up in a scam that took our house off the market for 16 days (even though my husband pointed out proof of financing was suspicious) to walking in on a strange man in my house that turned out to be an inspector they forgot to tell me was coming. That is why I called you to help us purchase a home in the Garden Ridge area. I knew I made made the right decision, you were so dedicated to our search and explained everything that was going on. I am sorry Park Loop Rd didn't work out but I appreciate the way you handled it. We gave you an impossible task at our price range but you accepted it and gave it your all. If you ever need a reference please feel free to use Joel and I and be assured you will be the agent we recommend to friends looking to buy or sell in the San Antonio area... consider yourself the true professional in my book!! God Bless!! Rhonda G.; Client
You are an important part of our fabric. A true supporter and contributor of not only Castle Hills, but to everyone in our metroplex area. Proud of you and the Houses In San Antonio family. Mayor Timothy Howell; Community Leader
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